We united a city.

Each year UEFA creates a new identity for the Final of its flagship competition the UEFA Champions League, and in 2015 it was held in Berlin.

To ensure the event identity has a local flavour, careful consideration is always given to which distinctive and recognisable elements of the host city to include in the design.

The event identity promotes the Final on an integrated platform, so that sponsors and commercial partners can create their marketing initiatives around the Final identity elements.

The overall objective of the Final identity is to provide a truly unique and memorable experience that lives long in the minds of fans, players, media and partners alike.

Berlin is a symbol of European Unity and the Brandenburg Gate is the ultimate landmark symbolising a united Germany and Europe. It’s a place where people gather to celebrate cultural and sports events. The Final identity took this inspiration of unity and combined it with the famous tree lined avenues of Berlin, where these paths led the two finalists into the city.

The creative theme of ’Champions Unite’ was devised, where the Olympiastadium hosted the Ultimate Stage, uniting fans from all over the world to witness the most prestigious football event in the world.  The graphic interpretation focused on a centrepiece of these paths leading to and through the Brandenburg Gate and onto the final destination. The Final identity was implemented across a wide variety of deliverables, including all event branding and digital media.

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