Amazon Prime Video The boys Billboard Amazon Prime Video The boys Billboard

Elevating a brand.

Prime Video needed to refresh their look and feel to reflect their brand values and improve brand recognition.

Designwerk collaborated with the European marketing team to discover ways in which we could and elevate and unify their brand presence across a wide range of touchpoints.

Together, we designed a flexible and recognisable design system which has improved alignment and customer engagement across European local markets.

Amazon Prime Video Movies billboard advert
Amazon Prime Video magazine ads
Amazon Prime Video Social ads
Amazon Prime TV user interface

Amazon Prime presence

Delivering a PR events toolkit.

We needed to amplify Prime Video’s brand presence across their PR events. We provided the PR and events teams a kit of parts designed to guide and inspire teams across a range of events. The toolkit ensures a consistent look and feel to all Prime Video launches and premieres, regardless of changing third party agencies or suppliers.

APV Event Branding
Amazon Prime Video Event branding
Amazon Prime Video backdrop