A rebrand revolution.

Basketball is a sport unlike any other. Distinct in its pace, style and structure, it’s also inherently intertwined with the culture of music, fashion and fame, making its fans equally unique.

The British Basketball League was ready to enter that cultural conversation with a brand platform that could ignite the passion of the growing UK basketball community. By leaning into grassroots communities, British youth culture and the all-star athleticism of the teams, we built a brand that shows the country, and the world, that British Basketball is ready to start a revolution.

Connecting to culture.

The British Basketball League is the most elite basketball championship in the country, but its brand wasn’t telling that story. With new investment came the perfect opportunity to rebrand, and an opportunity to speak to fans in a totally new way.  

Our challenge was to help the British Basketball League start a movement. To do that, we needed to leverage their cultural legacy, listen to the community, and most importantly, be brave. It was time for the League to come up, and to bring the next generation with them.

We got under the skin of the communities and cultures of British basketball.

Unpolished and unafraid, hungry for connection, and ready to make their mark: we recognised the same traits in the British youth culture as we did in the League.

So we articulated a single word that would unite the League’s vision and the audience who could make it happen; it was a word that captured their passion, their mindset and the lifestyle of British Basketball. The word was UNBEATABLE.

This is not a soft launch.

It was time to make people sit up and take notice. Underpinned by UNBEATABLE, we crafted a launch campaign that reflects the fans, celebrates the athletes, and captures the all-important culture of the game. 

A huge part of that culture is music. We commissioned and developed an original brand anthem to become the soundtrack of the revolution. Using the best and brightest League stars, the campaign spot tells the story of one player’s journey to the Season Opener – and all the grit, glamour and grind it takes to become UNBEATABLE. It shows the rebrand for what it is: the beginning of a mindset that unifies the fans, the players and the League.

Say it loud.

The British Basketball League was ready to bring their new attitude to everything they said and did.

Raw, dynamic, outspoken and positive, the brand had an energy that deserved bespoke typography, vibrant colour and original competition identities. No one was going to be forgetting the British Basketball League in a hurry.

Inspired by movement.

Basketball is intensely, dynamically physical. The pace and movement of the athletes turns to raw energy on the court. This movement was at the heart of our graphic language, and underpinned our motion theory. 

Using movement mapping and taking inspiration from the identity storytelling, we crafted a fluid yet electric design that punctuates game footage, broadcast graphics, social media content and event experience. The result is a storytelling device as dynamic as the game itself.

A growing league needs a powerhouse broadcast package.

Just like the game, our toolkit is inspired by the movement of the ball – its animation triggers a change in the on-screen information whilst adding brand presence to every touchpoint, from the scorecard to the player stats. 

We created a balanced design system that harmonised accessibility and personality, from the smallest moments to the biggest dunks. The result is a clean and memorable system that delivers on impact.