A woman’s story.

In 2020, CAF embarked on a journey to accelerate the development of women’s football in Africa. We were tasked with creating a brand that would carry the all-important message: we are stronger together.

A movement of this scale and magnitude needed to be rooted in the inspiring achievements and authentic stories of women across Africa. We defined a narrative that captured the deep and diverse value that African women’s football delivers to local and global cultures.

The result? Advocacy for women from the boardroom to the football pitch.

Creating a movement.

Across Africa, women are already the MVPs of their communities, and we wanted to extend that hero status into the world of football. 

To do that, we needed to smash some stereotypes and show that there’s a triumphant place for women in the world of football. Our proposition sent out a powerfully inclusive message: Women Empower Our Game. 

Speaking to the future.

Storytelling is vital to the brand. Amongst the myriad of contexts and cultures, we wanted to speak to the shared female experience, and to depict a hopeful future narrative. 

Afrofuturism was our guiding light. Its powerful depictions of women and strong symbolic style were perfect for representing our narrative. Graphic patterns, vibrant colours and custom typefaces inspired by the movement show the future-thinking, progressive movement of African women’s football. 

United by football.

Our brand platform needed to inspire communities across the continent. Our purpose was to tell an authentic brand story; one that captured the opportunity and potential unlocked through women’s football. 

Football has the power to unite, inspire and enable women across Africa. We chose the most aspirational symbols to integrate into our already diverse graphic language – the goal, box, and circle. Bold and expressive portraits of the athletes spotlight them up as emblems of the determination, individuality and pride which runs through all levels and facets of women’s football. 

A sense of belonging.

This movement was always bigger than the 90 minutes. It’s about enabling pathways in football for women and girls, and encouraging them every step of the way. 

Our brand brings that journey to life. Designed to encapsulate the positivity of African women’s football in all its manifestations, the brand can flex to fit international conference rooms or match day merchandise. It’s a brand that shines a light on the need for progress, but also the joy of the journey. Empowering? Absolutely.