Tell it from the mountain top.

Capranea is a high-end ski and leisure wear brand that prides itself on crafting apparel that empowers alpine enthusiasts to immerse themselves in nature. All whilst looking effortlessly elegant in the process.

Whilst this was clear internally, the Swiss brand lacked the tools to tell that story to the world, which is where we came in. Our brand strategy, creative narrative and visual identity helped uncover their highest potential and deliver a brand of extreme elegance.

Forging a new path.

Our task was to define, articulate, and celebrate the fact that Capranea will always take the path less travelled, making original products born from meticulous and ethos-driven craftsmanship.

The answer lay in uncovering the kernel of truth that united both the quality of the product and the experience it gives you — a distinct sense of empowerment, uplift, and appreciation: we called it Elevation. This elevation of spirit, body and performance runs through every element of the Capranea story.

Inspired by the landscape.

The stories of Capranea are deeply and evocatively rooted in the physical experience of the mountain.

On the slopes, you feel the elevation of spirit, a testament to attitude and altitude. To translate this narrative into a refreshing look and feel, it was only natural to start with the mountains: at once rugged, still, and vast, where clean lines dominate and the horizon is ever-present. From the photography to the website copy, the mountain looms large in every aspect of the refresh.