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Turning fans into advocates.

The EPCR needed us to reinvigorate the Challenge Cup brand. To really ramp things up and turn the brand on its head, we changed the conversation: we made the fans the focal point of the brand and let them do the talking. The result is an ownable and distinctive brand that turns fans into advocates.

We brought fresh appeal to the Challenge Cup by digging deep into their brand narrative, creating an identity that makes people stop and take notice, simplifying and electrifying their colour palette, and above all, bringing the passion, attitude and energy of the fans to every last touchpoint.

Challenge cup logo before and after
Challenge cup logo explained

Empowering the fans.

To confidently carry the brand’s new attitude and shift perceptions of the Challenge Cup as driven for and by the fans, we needed to develop a strong core concept.

We started by using insights to get under the skin of the Challenge Cup fan base. We discovered that the Challenge Cup crowd is diverse, die-hard and devoted. The STEP UP rhetoric captures their dedication to the game; a rally cry to all fans to show their true grit. Finally we got the fans talking, literally. Using confrontational cut-outs and in-your-face photography, the STEP UP rhetoric appears to come straight from the fans themselves. 

The concept gave a dynamic edge to the brand and was translated further into the graphic language, with jagged stripes conveying the rawness and electrifying energy of the competition.

Challenge cup fans gif
Challenge Cup billboard in London
step up real rugby fans gif
Challenge Cup Graphic language explained
Challenge cup game billboard
Challenge cup wheatpaste posters

Typography that speaks volumes.

The Challenge Cup crowds get loud, and we needed a typeface that captures and conveys those heightened emotions of game day.

The typography was especially chosen for its adaptive nature, with ever-changing weights and widths allowing us to inject movement and vibrancy into all written communications, mimicking the energy of the crowd. It has an impact audiences won’t forget. 

The custom numbering was built out of the C logo, replicating the same angles for consistency and connection.

Challenge cup typography
Challenge cup scoreboard

Socially minded.

To ensure the new brand found it’s fans, we put social media strategy in the front seat, inviting fans both new and old to get involved with the Challenge Cup.

We created social content which is bold, bright and proud. The STEP UP attitude comes across loud and clear through meticulously adapted small-format design, meaning no compromise is made on the dynamic look and feel. The result is a social media platform that excites and connects fans as the competition goes from strength to strength.

Challenge Cup instagram posts
Challenge cup instagram posts

Bringing home the win.

No matter whether you’re in the stands or at home on the couch, the refresh leaves a lasting and exhilarating impression on each and every fan.

Because nothing we do is done by halves, we delivered the whole broadcast package, from layout to animation. Carrying through the dynamic graphic language and the cut-out aesthetic, the touch points all deliver on engagement and interest, bringing the energy of the match to every aspect of the broadcast experience.

Challenge Cup Broadcast graphics
Challenge Cup brand guidelines