The Greatest Weekend in Rugby.

Each year two rugby tournaments culminate in The Greatest Weekend in Rugby: a double-bill Finals event for the Heineken Champions Cup and the European Challenge Cup. 

We were asked to create a brand platform for the Finals that would not only celebrate outstanding rugby, but showcase the host cities as enticing holiday destinations for international crowds. 

Being a double event, it was crucial that the designs forged a link between the two tournaments: flexible enough to represent both, but unique in their style and design.

Into the Golden Age.

Marseille is a city with an iconic aesthetic, from the striped beach umbrellas that line the coast, to the Basilica Notre Dame and the nostalgic postcards from the Golden Age of travel. 

We soon found symmetry between these archetypal French designs, the classic ‘hooped’ design of rugby shirts and the lines and patterns that make up the pitch markings we know so well. We crafted a bright new colour palette inspired by the waters of Marseille, and used the striped graphic language to emulate the movement and pace of Europe’s top rugby players. 

An event to remember.

Sport is nothing without its fans, so we set about creating an immersive and engaging experience that rugby fans would never forget. 

We designed a flexible event toolkit that included LED boards and pitch painting, VIP programmes, game balls and trophy plinth. The event delivery ensured that the Finals brand was elevated beyond the key visual, and truly brought to life the meaning behind our designs: a harmonious and energetic celebration of Rugby, and Marseille. 

Men of the Match.

There was only one thing left to celebrate: the teams themselves. It was paramount that our event branding inspired and excited the very best players from across Europe.

Our event branding brought to life the players’ pace, power and skill, whether with larger-than-life photography, illustrative designs, or head-turning photo opportunities. The eye-catching work elicited a positive and passionate response from the players, and the result was even greater brand love across the board.