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A New Era For Golf.

A new brand identity for the next generation.

European Tour stages tournaments across 5 continents. It no longer reflected its ‘European’ tag and needed a bold look to move the brand in a new direction.

Strong, dynamic and adaptable. The striking new identity was developed to appeal to a younger audience which was brought to life through a vibrant colour palette reflective of the game.

European Tour Blue Flag
European Tour Logo Mark
European Tour Golfer
European Tour Website Layouts

Driving Golf

Forward-thinking and single-minded.

We introduced a brand proposition built from the Tour’s guiding principles of being innovative, inclusive and global. Breathing a new found vitality into an established name.

European Tour Golfer Shot
European Tour logo and Trophy

Creating a connection

A fun storytelling device.

The ‘Tour Tee’ brings character to the brand, acting as a storytelling device for all content.

European Tour Countries animated
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European Tour Tee Examples
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European Tour animation guideline
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The perfect drive

Power and precision.

A visual expression of the perfect drive. Its sharp curves and symmetry giving the brand depth and movement.

European Tour sting animations
European Tour Player Icon layouts
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The Rolex Series

The finest players on the biggest stage.

The Rolex Series comprises of 8 premium events across the golf calendar, bringing in the biggest names with the most to play for.

To separate these tournaments from the rest of the season we created a bespoke marque and colour palette, which reflects the elite nature of the competitions.

European Tour Rolex Series Green Logo
European Tour Rolex series Players
European Tour Rolex Series animation
European Tour Golf Flag
European tour umpire
European Tour Rolex Series Archway