Laver Cup stadium with fans Laver Cup stadium with fans

A dynamic brand for a dynamic event.

Supporting a new competition that lives and breathes rivalry.

Designwerk has partnered with the Laver Cup team for five years on the development and application of this striking brand. Working together since the events inception, we’ve helped to create a unique look and feel at events in Prague, Chicago, Geneva and Boston, and most recently, London. 

Laver Cup logo system
Laver Cup posters year on year
Laver Cup logo installation

An immediate impact.

Standing out with a fresh approach.

The Laver Cup developed a first-of-its-kind iconic Black Court, which contrasts the teams’ bold colours to create a striking and modern look that is instantly recognisable. Bespoke court furniture and the courtside team area round out a unique brand platform, perfect for broadcast.

Laver Cup Blue Team
Laver Cup Red Team
Rod Laver holding the trophy

Honouring a legend with a prize worth fighting for.

Forging a new trophy that embodies a historic legacy is no easy task.

A cutting-edge competition demands a unique prize to raise the stakes. We worked with the Laver Cup team to develop a unique trophy concept that forged Rod “The Rocket” Laver’s stories, achievements and personal accolades into an object of desire that physically encapsulates the history and impact of a true legend of the sport.

Laver Cup winners celebrating

Year on year.

Sold out venues in Prague, Chicago, Geneva, Boston and London

A benchmark in premium sports hospitality.

Creating inspiring and unrivalled experiences through immersive storytelling.

The Laver Cup brings Rod Laver’s legacy to life though curated content and a compelling narrative that runs throughout the hospitality experience. These details transform mundane spaces into a unique and unforgettable day out for Laver Cup guests.