MTL eSports environments and banners MTL eSports environments and banners

A home for eSports in Montreal.

Montreal Impact (IMFC) wanted to capitalise on the cross over between online gaming and traditional live sport.

Aimed at moving eSports fans to Impact fans, this activation needed to leverage the eSports platform in an exciting, innovative and highly talkable way.

It was also designed to increase ticket sales medium to long term, so additional content opportunities were created, from replays, updates, and match highlight, to ePlayer statistics and behind the scenes features.

MTL gaming container on a truck

Developing unique portable spaces

The containers tour locations allowed new markets to be accessed and positioned eSports as a gateway for new Montreal Impact fans. Acting as a social awareness platform and a competitive search for a next-generation pro-eSports players, the containers were an ownable and unique space in FIFA’s massive online culture.

MTL gaming container render
MTL Container interior render
MTL gaming containers animated gif
MTL fans enjoying esports
MTL crowds at an event watching esports