Building a strong mindset.

SBD prides itself on its power and its prowess. We created a bold new identity and commanding brand message that reflected that.

SBD Apparel is a world leading strength and fitness brand. Originally, SBD stood for Squat, Bench, Deadlift. But the business had outgrown the three disciplines of powerlifting and need a bolder sentiment. The SBD Mindset – Strength Belief Determination – was created to inspire new audiences.

SBD Logos
SBD Instagram social stories
SBD Black and Red embossed business cards
SBD weightlifter and red logos

Strength of character

Bold and powerful.

The previous logo had become tired and flimsy. We wanted to create an identity that better reflected the superhuman strength of our sports athletes. Robust, heavyset and strong of character.

SBD Weightlifter female deadlifting metal bar
SBD youtube banners on ipad
curly haired woman holds bar bell
SBD black and red weightlifting kneebrace

Made with more

Artistry and excellence.

The brand proposition was created to reflect the brand’s superior products, athletes, and craftsmanship. It’s in these 3 areas that SBD stand apart from their competitors.

While some are made of stronger stuff, we are Made With More.

SBD made with more logo red
SBD made with more gif
SBD athletes in black clothing

Cutting edge

A fresh attitude.

We worked on creating a confident new tone of voice to give the brand attitude and brought it to life with a bold new visual language and photography style. The cutting edge technology used in SBD’s products felt like the perfect place to start.

SBD red and black cut typographic graphics
SBD magazine and ipad