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We make excitement.

Our challenge for WorldSBK was to bring a younger audience to the brand by designing a modern refresh for the digital generation.

We looked to the race itself for inspiration, creating a simple, sleek, and envigorated brand platform that had the dual benefit of clarifying the brand and events into something ownable and accessible. A top down refresh, from logo to colour palette to broadcast, the new WorldSBK brand was a winning solution to multiple challenges.

Pure Experience. Pure Excitement. Pure Motorsport.
SBK logo evolution

A modern focus.

The WorldSBK identity felt dated and out of sync with the thrill of the race: we needed to show new audiences that WorldSBK was high octane and full of life.

We created a vibrant, high-contrast and confident identity that adapts seamlessly to digital. 

The racetrack is where the action happens, so we built it into the very curve and symmetry of the identity. We elongated the type to show the acceleration of the Superbikes and chose a typeface that gives a sense of streamlined speed across all touchpoints. The simplified look slotted in perfectly with a refreshed colour palette and brought much-needed clarity to the event structure.

SBK Brand Architecture system
SBK Brand Guidelines

Graphic language that moves you.

To entice and hold a younger audience, it was crucial that we design a graphic language that captures the atmosphere and heightened emotions of race day.

Inspired by the unpredictable twists and turns of the racetrack, our graphic language takes the new WorldSBK Chevron and races it around a chicane, bringing the essence of the brand to every touchpoint and creating a visceral sense of pace that defines a Superbikes rider.

SBK Track Names

Movement to match the momentum.

Having created a look and feel that translated to digital so optimally, the next step was to animate the graphic language and broadcast elements to round out our modern rebrand.

We show this brand is anything but pedestrian by using animation to inject energy into the design elements. So, whether you are trackside or streaming from home, our design elements still bring the atmosphere and adrenaline of race day.

SBK App icon and social story
SBK Broadcast Graphics


Designing a key visual that stood out from the crowd required some outside-the-box thinking: to differentiate from other Superbike competitions, no bikes were to be included in the key visual. 

We rose to the challenge, and the raw passion and energy of the rider took the front seat. Bringing together the triumph of a win and the celebration between rider and fans, the key visual draws the audience into the action. 

SBK Key Visual of riders
SBK Phone Background
SBK Tickets
SBK Event Banner