A campaign that breaks the rules.

Super League Triathlon is the world’s toughest triathlon series, pitting the very best athletes against one another in new, fast-paced formats around the globe. In short, SLT is shaking up the sport and they needed a campaign to show the world that their 2022 Championship Series was bigger and better than ever.

Our strategic and creative insights were called upon to create the campaign. We set out to develop a campaign that wouldn’t just hype the championship, but would push the growth of SLT beyond the diehard fans and into the wider sports landscape: the world was going to sit up and take notice.

Rethinking Triathlon.

Think you know triathlon? Think again. Super League Triathlon has turned the sport on its head, and they needed a creative concept to carry that message. Alongside the need to ignite passion and excite intrigue, the Campaign AV needed to educate viewers.

The solution? A concept that does both. ‘New Rules Apply’ captures the brand’s disruptive, progressive and challenging approach to triathlon, whilst at the same time educating audiences on SLT’s unique way of doing things – across four languages. The backbone of the script and the ethos of the brand, it’s a creative concept that works hard.

Rip up the rule book.

The New Rules Apply concept brought raw visual energy to the AV spot, emulating the grit and determination that characterises the Championship. Action-packed, the spot tears between different cities, tougher challenges, bigger crowds.

Inspired by layers of ripped and graffitied posters found in the streets of urban jungles around the world, the concept brings a disruptive energy to the championship. It’s faster, grittier, and more intense. Rip up the rule book: New Rules Apply.

The SLT experience.

Our goal was to encourage people to not only spectate, but share, connect and participate. The success of the campaign would hang on connecting with new and younger fans, so we created a campaign platform that flexes. It’s more than just a TV Spot – it’s a brand experience.

From AV to social to experiential, fan activation is the key to building strong brand love. So, we isolated the core values which existing fans already know and love and celebrated them from a new angle: creating a campaign to intrigue, educate and excite.