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We built valuable equity.

Designwerk have been commissioned five times now to create UEFA’s flagship competition. Witnessed by a live global audience in the billions. Each year represents a challenging set of variables that must not only position the competition as the best in the world, but also enable all partners the ability to activate through.

Careful consideration is given to ensure the host city is represented across all touch points. The Final identity is an integrated platform, so sponsors and commercial partners can build their marketing initiatives around the Final identity elements.

This provides a truly unique and memorable experience that lives on in the minds of fans, player, media and partners alike.

The Final Identity Platform

The Final identity is an integrated platform, so sponsors and commercial partners can build their marketing initiatives around the Final identity elements.

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Final Kyiv 2018

The Domes of Light

The NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium, with its iconic and illuminating domes of light is an urban landmark within the cityscape of Kyiv. On May 25th it lit up the Capital and became the Ultimate Stage, where 70,000 fans witnessed the crowning of the European Champions.

UCLF Stadium Branding
UCLF Branding Kyiv
UCLF Kyiv Stadium

380 million TV viewers worldwide

4x bigger than the Superbowl

UCLF Branding
UCLF Kyiv Final sign
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Final Cardiff 2017

The Dragon

The Dragon is a central part of the Welsh identity and its national symbol. Cardiff, as the capital of Wales is a modern city with a rich ancient history where dragons appear on many of its historic buildings.

UCLF Cardiff Stadium
UCLF Cardiff Grid
UCLF Cardiff Castle
UCLF Cardiff Trophy
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UCLF Cardiff Branding

Final Milano 2016

A Vibrant Milan

The iconic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is renowned as Milan’s central meeting place and represents the very essence of the ‘Spirit of Milan’. The radiating spirit and vibrancy of classic and contemporary Milanese culture is amplified under the huge glass dome and integrates the Final through intricate floor mosaics and frescos.

UCLF Milan Stadium
UCLF Milan Branding
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UCLF Milan Branding
UCLF Milan Lockerroom

Final Berlin 2015

Champions Unite

Berlin is famous for its long tree lined avenues; the paths that lead two finalists into the city. The Brandenburg gate is the ultimate landmark symbolising a united Germany and Europe. The Best of the Best united on the Ultimate Stage in Berlin competing to win the UEFA Champions League trophy.

UCLF Milan Celebration
UCLF Berlin Branding
UCLF Berlin Stadium
UCLF Berlin Branding

Final Lisbon 2014

The Stars Align

Portuguese explorers used an Armillary Sphere to align the stars and guide them around the world in search of new lands. Of all the stars, the brightest 22 aligned on the 24 May at the Estádio da Luz, Lisbon. When the Stars Align, everything falls into place. 

UCLF Lisbon Stadium
UCLF Lisbon Branding
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